Review: KeySmart 2.0 — Initial Impressions and Assembly

Wisdom is said to increase with age and experience.  However, the quantity of keys a person has to carry also seem to increase with the natural progression of our age and maturity.  Pocket size, however, does not increase.  Therefore it is only natural that at some point one’s collection of necessary keys will have increased beyond the capacity of their pockets.  How is one to overcome this societal dilemma? Read the rest of this entry »

Patch: [Famicom Disk System :: Super Mario Bros. 2] Restore original Spiny Egg behavior

If you were to fling a ball from a moving aircraft, would you expect it to fall straight down? Or instead would you imagine it would be affected by things such as momentum, velocity, and trajectory? Read the rest of this entry »

Re-learning Japanese With “Human Japanese”

What might a family of three choose to do for fun?  Play board games?  Travel?  No, that’s far too routine!  How about using technology to learn a foreign language which has no apparent similarity to their native language?  Now we’re talking!  🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Cr48: Official response to Chromebook battery charging problem

Some Cr48 owners have reported an issue with not being able to charge their Cr48 properly.  Sadly, I too now have this issue.  Basically, when you plug in the charger it is supposed to charge.  (Yeah, a shocker, I know.)  However, with this problem, the Cr48 doesn’t seem to do anything when you plug in the charger: the normal charging indicator lamp does not light, and there is certainly no charging happening. Read the rest of this entry »

Revolights — a revolutionary new idea for bicycle safety!

As a cyclist who often rides in the early morning, I am always interested in new ways of making myself more visible to traffic.  So, my interest was definitely piqued when I read about a new bicycle lighting system called Revolights over on! Read the rest of this entry »

Technology does NOT ‘have your back’

A sky full of beautiful stars was spread out above us as the day turned gradually to night.  Myself, my wife, our young son, our very young nephew, and my father-in-law had just finished up an afternoon of canoeing.  How were we spending our evening?  We had planned on roasting marshmallows over a campfire and then spending the night camping in my father-in-law’s backyard.  We had planned on a lot of fun things for that evening.  None of them, however, seemed to work out quite right. Read the rest of this entry »

Cr48: How much Netflix can you get on Verizon’s free 100MB mobile data?

Finally!  Netflix for the Cr48 Chromebook!  I was starting to think that this day would never come!

This single application may have the potential to make Google’s Chromebook venture relevant for so many more customers now.  As another nice bonus for Chromebook customers, Google provides 100MB of free mobile data from Verizon per month for two years to each customer in the US.  With Netflix now available, my curiosity kicked in and demanded that I test whether it was possible to watch even just one movie or TV episode purely on Verizon’s free mobile data allowance.  So, how much Netflix can you get in 100MB? Read the rest of this entry »

Review: WakeMate for Apple iOS — Introduction

I hate the process of waking up.  Seriously.  I have never been a morning person, and doubt seriously that I ever will be.  That having been said, my job requires me to get up early.  So, I have been struggling to find some way to force myself to get up.

I’ve tried alarm clocks, of course.  My problem there is that I am evidently coherent enough to know how to turn them off instead of just snoozing them when they go off.  After a few times showing up late to work, I realized that there must be something better out there.  Even when I would wake up and resist turning it off altogether, I would end up snoozing dozens of times until I simply had to get up.  Even then I would still feel groggy and not at all refreshed.  ‘Surely I can’t be the only one dealing with this kind of problem,’ I reckoned.

Enter WakeMate. Read the rest of this entry »

Fix: Problems with Visual Basic 6 / ADO / MDAC after installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Have you been successfully compiling programs using Visual Basic 6 under Windows 7 in the past, only now to find that the following events now occur:

  • programs using Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) / MDAC now crash with an automation error when running on Windows XP?
  • the Package and Deployment Wizard hangs after you select a directory to save your package to?

Wondering what changed to break your previously working system?  Well, if you had just recently installed Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, then you likely have run into the same issue I have.  Read on for my own experiences and solution… Read the rest of this entry »

Nintendo DS Lite top screen replacement

Have you ever failed at something more than once, but kept trying in hopes that it would eventually stick and you’d get it right?  Sure, we all have.  Usually it’s not something involving replacing a DS Lite screen.  For me, this is my third time.  *sigh* Read the rest of this entry »

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